Brief introduction of switch

The series SGLD automatic transfer switch equipment(ATSE) is such a new product that integrates switch and logic to truly realize the mechatronics.it applies at the distribution device of rated insulation voltage up to 1000V and conventional heat current up to 3200A. to automatically transfer between the master power and the backup one in the power supply system or the two load devices and perform the secure isolation.wide used at the important occasions.e.ge. hospital,marketplace,bank,highrise building,coal mine,communication department,iron mine,expressway,airport,product line and military facilities where the power interruption is taboo.

The switch equipment utilizes the control circuit to send various logic command to control the motor the turn of which.after speed reduction by gearcase.would drive the operating mechanism that accumulates the energy with the spring and performs the instantaneous release so as to quickly make and break the circuit or perform the circuit transfer and realize the secure isolation by obviously visual state.

The switch equipment could perform the full automatic operation,compulsively setting "0" remote and emergency hand operation. moreover,it could perform detection and protection for phase lack,detection and protection for undervotage,detection and protection for frequency,delay adjustment and electrical&mechanical interlock,etc.

The switch equipment features attractive appearance,novel and compact structure,small dimension and complete function,leading the counterpart.

Control type of switch

Type O: full automation
Type I: full automation,compulsively setting"0",remote control,motor fitted
Type II: detection and protecton for phaselack,full automation,compulsively setting"0",remote control,motor fitted
Type III; detection and protecton for phaselack,detection and protecton for undervoltage,detection and protecton for frequency,delay adjustment,full automation,compulsively setting"O"remote control,motor fitted

Specification of SGLD-32-1600A Switch

The switch meets the standards of IEC 60947-6-1 and GB14048.11
Rated working voltage:DC220V,440V;AC380V,660V
Rated making capacity(ARms):10Ie
Rated breaking capacity(ARms):8Ie


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